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Tips On Getting Pregnant

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Tips On Getting Pregnant

Tips On Getting Pregnant

I have worked in the fertility industry for a number of years and have learnt many
tips for getting pregnant over this time. Trying to get pregnant can be an exciting yet harrowing time. Why is it that some people get pregnant so quickly and others suffer months or years of infertility? The human body is a complex system, and getting pregnant although seemingly easy, is a complex issue!

In this article I offer tips on getting pregnant which during my career have been the most successful. Often the male factor in getting pregnant is forgotten so I have also written a section with tips for men. If you suffer from PCOS, I have some tips for you too! Read on.

Obvious Tips First!

Most people ask me for tips on getting pregnant fast, and I always begin with cleansing of the diet and lifestyle. If you want to have a healthy baby, then you, the babies parents must have a healthy lifestyle. Statistics show that people who smoke or drink alcohol can take up to ten months longer to get pregnant than those who don't. Smoking negatively affects ovulation and fallopian tube function which will hinder getting pregnant fast.

Drinking alcohol while trying to get pregnant has more negative factors than I can list here, but the most important factor from my experience is that alcohol affects the body's PH levels, leaving your body in an acidic state. The human body and especially the reproductive systems in both male and female function better in an alkaline state, so my first tip on getting pregnant fast is - do not smoke or drink. Continued below....

Stay Healthy

If you are wanting a body which is healthy and ready to conceive, then you must feed your body appropriately. A diet of saturated fats, and high sugar and salt is not going to make a healthy reproductive system. Your
pregnancy diet is important not only for fast conception, but also for the creation of a quality foetus and baby.

Eat fresh quality vegetables and proteins and do not eat processed foods which are high in fat and salt. What to eat when pregnant and what not to eat when pregnant are too numerous to write here, but I would advise you seek more information on this from your library or from an e-book. I have also written articles on diet tips for how to have a boy and how to conceive a girl. The links to these articles are at the bottom of this page.

Irregular Periods

Conception of a baby occurs when the female body ovulates, so you need to know when your body is ovulating. The fastest way to find out is to use an ovulation kit. These are cheap and can be purchased on-line or from a pharmacy. They cost from $30 - $120 and are worth every cent. On the days that the kit shows that you are ovulating, have intercourse only one time on those days. Important tips on getting pregnant fast for men are - do not have intercourse more than once on days of ovulation or a few days before ovulation. This is because you want a good quantity of good quality sperm.

Tight Underwear for Men MYTH

Other tips for getting pregnant for men are that you must also refrain from smoking and drinking during conception. Both affect sperm quality, and good quality sperm means getting pregnant fast with a healthy foetus. Over the years stories have emerged about boxer shorts being the preferred option of underwear for men who are trying to conceive. This is a
myth. Underwear will not affect sperm quality, therefore if you wear normal underwear, then you are fine!


If you suffer from PCOS, then chances are that you will be finding getting pregnant difficult. But don't worry, you can get pregnant. My tips for getting pregnant with PCOS are to firstly have an extreme regime of healthy eating and exercise, and to consult a doctor for a course of a drug called Clomid.

Clomid success rates are as high as 75% for stimulating ovulation in women who normally do not ovulate, and then a 10-15% pregnancy rate from ovulation. This seems low, but it is cheaper than starting straight on the expensive option of IVF because IVF success rates are still low for women with PCOS.

I hope these tips for getting pregnant are useful for you. Information is power and the more information you get, the more likely you will get pregnant fast.

I also advise my clients read books from the library, go to free seminars or to get one of the many e-books available.

These often have money back guarantees and are loaded with good scientific based information. A lot of e-books also go a step further and offer online support and forums too, so check them out.

Good luck on this wonderful quest for life! I wish you well.